Copenhagen Guide: Fall & Winter Edition

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It’s that time of the year. The season is changing, the temperature is lowering and the fairy lights are being put up. Copenhagen is packed with things to do, places to visit, and food and drinks to try out. We have gathered a bunch of recommendations on what to do and see while you are in Copenhagen if you want to try the best things the city has to offer.
Full of inspirational locations that can be used for hosting events, and meeting clients over the cozy winter period.

Danish Fashion and Design Culture

Danish fashion and interior culture includes a timeless elegance and functional design that resonate with people across the globe. With a commitment to minimalism, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices, Denmark continues to inspire the fashion and design world.  The fashion and interior culture are characterized by their minimalistic and functional aesthetics, combining timeless elegance with a focus on practicality. Danish fashion reflects a unique blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, from the likes of Ganni, Day, and By Malene Birger. The Danish approach to clothing is rooted in simplicity, clean lines, and high-quality materials. Danish designers prioritize comfort without compromising on style, creating effortlessly chic looks that stand the test of time.

Danish interior design is synonymous with functionalism and a minimalist aesthetic, think Fritz Hansen, Hay and Ferm Living. The concept of “hygge,” which represents a feeling of coziness and contentment, plays a central role in Danish homes. Danish interiors often feature clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral color palette, creating an inviting atmosphere. Design icons such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, and Poul Henningsen have left an incredible mark on the world of interior design. Their timeless furniture designs, such as the Egg Chair, the Wishbone Chair, and the PH Artichoke Lamp, continue to be coveted by design enthusiasts worldwide.


Copenhagen offers many unique museums and galleries often put in a beautiful setting and has been used as a location for lifestyle brands during fashion week, 3 days of design, etc. for many years.


Glyptoteket stands as one of Copenhagen’s most captivating museums, renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Housing a remarkable collection of over 10,000 artworks and archaeological treasures, it offers a rich cultural experience. Glyptoteket is also known for its stunning architecture, vibrant and colorful walls, and a mesmerizing botanical garden. Prepare to be enchanted as you explore the artistic wonders and beautiful architecture that await you at Glyptoteket.

Design Museum Danmark

Since 2020, Denmark’s design museum has undergone a complete renovation and reopened its doors in June 2022. If you have a passion for Scandinavian and classic design, a visit to this museum is a must. Immerse yourself in captivating exhibitions that showcase the evolution of interior design, spanning from the past to the present and even offering glimpses into the future. You will witness the beauty and innovation that define Danish design.

Absalons Church

In Vesterbro, you will find Absalons church. Even though it looks quite ordinary from the outside, don’t be fooled because the inside has been renovated into a colorful hang-out spot. At Absalon, you can try out a variety of activities and classes, including knitting classes, salsa lessons, and croquis painting. Another unique concept that you can experience at Absalons church is their communal dinners, which they have every night

Edition Copenhagen

The art gallery, Edition, is a lithographic workshop founded in 1959. The place is one of the leading lithographic workshops in the world. Edition is located on Strandgade in Christianshavn, which makes the place very authentic and unique. Edition collaborates both with established artists who exhibit worldwide and upcoming artists too. Furthermore, all the lithographic prints that are published by Edition are created in the workshop by the artists themselves.

Restaurants and Cafes 

Are you looking for inspiration on where you can enjoy a nice dinner or a warm cup of cocoa in the winter time? Look no further. We have gathered a few recommendations for both great restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen.

Bottega Estadio 1912

Bottega Estadio, found at Østerbro Stadium, offers a delightful blend of Danish and Latin American cuisine. It’s a hotspot for locals and stylish Copenhagen residents who appreciate high-quality dining and orange wines. During Christmas, indulge in their special menu to elevate your holiday spirit. Be sure to also check out their sister restaurant, Bottega Barlie.


Granola, a classic French restaurant, resides on one of Copenhagen’s most charming streets, Væredamsvej. Their menu features Oysters, Omelettes, Chèvre Chaud, Moules, Steak Frites, and Creme Brulee. Granola offers a warm ambiance, both indoors and outdoors. Note: From 17:00 to 19:00 daily, you can enjoy six oysters for only 100 kr.

Resto Bar

If you are looking for a great Italian restaurant with a cosy atmosphere and authentic food you should visit the new restaurant, Resto Bar. The restaurant was opened in 2023 by two well-known chefs Mikkel Egelund and Morten Kaltoft who together created this Italian gem. Restobar is located at Vesterbro Torv and the restaurant offers both seating inside and outside. 

La Glace

In the heart of Copenhagen you will find La Glace, the oldest patisserie in Denmark. It was founded in 1870 and has been run for six generations. The patisserie offers traditional layer cakes and deliciously warm cocoa made of Belgian chocolate. The seating itself is a unique experience, split into four areas and the interior consists of original furniture from the 1890’s and an interior from 1924. It’s not possible to make a table reservation, so if you want a good spot to enjoy your cup of cocoa and layer cake, don’t come too late!

Louise Roe Gallery

Louise Roe, a talented designer, established her own studio in 2018, seamlessly merging the realms of interior design, fashion, and The Roe Bar. The Roe bar prides itself on sourcing top-tier, organic, and fresh ingredients, ensuring a consistently high standard of quality. While you’re there, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the remarkable contemporary designs on display. They also provide catering services, and it’s also possible to reserve the showroom and café for private celebrations or various events.

Autumn and Winter Activities 

As the vibrant hues of summer transform into the golden and snowy landscapes of autumn and winter, Copenhagen unveils a different kind of enchantment. Embracing the cool, crisp air and longer nights, the Danish capital comes alive with a unique set of activities and experiences that make the colder seasons truly magical. Whether you’re a fan of hygge, outdoor adventures, or cultural immersion, Copenhagen has something special in store for everyone during the autumn and winter months. In this section, we’ll delve into the diverse array of activities that make this Nordic city a must-visit destination for the autumn and winter seasons.

Gløgg in Copenhagen

Gløgg, a beloved Danish Christmas beverage, is a festive punch made by blending red (or occasionally white) wine with spirits and aromatic spices, creating a delightful Christmas aroma. Often served with a side of biscuits, this wintertime treat is a staple on the menu of nearly every café and restaurant in Copenhagen during the winter season. You will find some of the best gløgg here: Noorbohandelen in Torvehallerne, Flindt & Ørsted, Bevars and Hotel Sanders.

Photo by @theroebar 

Ice Skating

Each winter, Broens Gadekøkken hosts an ice skating rink, offering a popular winter activity. Visitors have the option to rent ice skates and helmets and, after their ice skating session, can enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate or sample delectable street food at Broens Gadekøkken.

Photo by @broensgadekoekken

Christmas Tables at Royal Copenhagen

The renowned ceramic brand Royal Copenhagen introduces an annual winter tradition, inviting 4-5 prominent figures such as designers, hosts, or artists to individually craft their distinctive Christmas table settings, using only Royal Copenhagen tableware. These tables exhibit remarkable uniqueness, offering diverse interpretations of the traditional Christmas table.

Photo by @royalcopenhagen

The Ballet at the Royal Theatre

The Royal Theatre, a stunning institution with a legacy dating back to 1748, offers a diverse array of artistic performances, including ballet, opera, theatre, concerts, and acting. During the winter season, a must-see show is “The Nutcracker.” This enchanting ballet unfolds on Christmas Eve within an affluent 19th-century middle-class household, where Clara, the daughter, envisions a Nutcracker Prince who will transport her to the enchanting Land of Sweets.

Photo by @kglteater

Christmas Market in Christiania

Copenhagen hosts numerous Christmas markets, and one of the most exceptional is situated within Christiania. This market is a treasure trove of locally crafted Christmas decorations, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of the community. Other Christmas markets in Copenhagen: Kongens Nytorv, Tivoli Garden, Højbro Plads, Kronborg Castle, Christmas at Fasangården, H.C. Andersens Christmas Market, and Christmas Market at Bernstoff Castle.

Photo by @julemarked_copenhagen

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