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Rains, the renowned rainwear brand, has celebrated its 10th anniversary and is now seen on global runways and in stores. The company has achieved tremendous growth over the past decade and is continuously expanding its range of categories. From promoting rainwear to other lifestyle products, Rains is pushing the boundaries of the industry. We spoke to Alexander Birch, Marketing Project Manager at Rains, about why using a digital showroom and press tools has been a key part of this journey. 

Alexander tells us, “As a member of the marketing team, I have seen how our department has grown significantly in recent years. We produce content for various touchpoints and channels, and our focus is on maintaining a premium presence across our own retail stores, our e-commerce platform, and our wholesale business. We work with a team of creatives, paid and organic social media experts, photographers, stylists, production assistants, content managers, art directors, and graphic designers.”

Rains has a global outreach of about 2,000 accounts and caters to various markets worldwide. Their key markets include the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, and the US. They believe in maintaining a strong presence in the press as it helps expand their influence as Alexander explains.

How do you use VOCAST in your daily work?

“As a manager of different projects and global marketing activities, I have found VOCAST to be an indispensable tool in my daily work. We use its image bank and press release features to streamline our content management and distribution.” Alexander tells us that the image bank is particularly useful for launching new collections and managing content with the right tags and descriptions.

He adds, “The press release feature is essential for weekly communications with media outlets, we often rely on VOCAST’s curated contact lists to target specific media outlets.”

VOCAST’s curated lists:



Why is producing and distributing digital content important for a fashion brand?

“It not only helps us generate press coverage but also allows our accounts to use the content we produce to sell our products better”. He elaborates, “We believe that the way we showcase our products is the best way, and we urge our accounts to use our images as much as possible. We provide thorough descriptions of the content and images we share in our digital showroom to ensure that our accounts have all the information they need to showcase our products effectively.”

Rains’ detailed product descriptions:




Alexander explains that Rains produces two collections a year, with e-commerce images for male, female, and packshots. They also shoot about 6 campaigns per year, selecting campaign images for each collection to upload to their digital showroom, created by VOCAST.

“We also provide brand guidelines, logos, and other branded images in the showroom. We understand the importance of producing content that works for magazines, e-commerce, retailers, and social media. Therefore, we think carefully about the images we upload to VOCAST and how we crop them to ensure they work well across different platforms.”

He continues, “We use the different curated lists that VOCAST provides. We look into the contacts and people in those lists and see who’s relevant to us. At the moment, we are mostly sending press releases to the curated lists and we continue doing that because we can see the opening rates are growing.”

The front page of Rains’ digital showroom:



“Having both the image bank and the press release on the same platform is great for us. We benefit from the flexibility VOCAST has to set up different landing pages on our digital showroom that corresponds with the visual language we have across other touchpoints. When we partner up with a new system that’s meant to be used externally, we want to showcase our content in the best way, and we have that option with VOCAST.”

Rains’ digital showroom’s weekly traffic:


How do you control brand messaging on all your accounts?

Alexander explains that at Rains, marketing has a close dialogue with sales and their country managers around the world. He tells us, “It’s important for marketing to underline and remind everyone to update images to the newest and best ones and include updated descriptions. We want to make sure it is just as good of an experience on our accounts, as it is in our own universe. The product descriptions and the streamlined storytelling makes sure our products are communicated properly; both visually and in the copy.”

He tells us that they use detailed product descriptions in their digital showroom to support retailers that are selling RAINS and to make sure products are interpreted in the right way, “for example when it comes to how waterproof the product is, information about the filling, and so on. Some more practical information helps our retailers who are selling our products to get this core information 100% correct..” This is essential for rapidly growing brands like RAINS, which have thousands of visits and downloads each month from partners, retailers, and the press.

Rains’ top 3 content-type downloads:


What advice would you give to brands looking to integrate a B2B platform like VOCAST?

“It’s funny that you ask I had a friend working for another brand asking for an image bank solution, and I immediately recommended VOCAST. I definitely suggest VOCAST as an image bank and press platform.” He tells us that he would advise brands when starting up to consider who will need the content, how it should be showcased, and how it should then be built into a user-friendly structure that is also easy to search from.

 “With VOCAST’s help, we can streamline our content management and distribution processes. We are committed to maintaining a premium presence across all touchpoints, and we believe that producing and distributing digital content is crucial in achieving our goal of becoming a global lifestyle brand.”

Georgina is the Media Research Manager at VOCAST; responsible for the team creating curated lists and content. She studied Business & Sociology at CBS and is interested in social and environmental issues within the design industry.


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